World's longest trip in an electric car. YES ,it is possible.

Updated: May 27, 2019

In an epic road trip spanning more than three years, 33 countries, and roughly 59,000 miles, Dutchman Weibe Wakker set what is believed to be the record for the ‘world’s longest trip’ by an electric car.

Wakker set out from Amsterdam in the Netherlands on March 15, 2016, as part of his Plug Me In project. The trip was mostly funded by donations, plus some sponsorships from companies like Bundles (a washing machine rental company), Canon, and Adobe. Volunteers could sign up via Wakker’s site to offer a meal, places to sleep, or even an outlet for him to charge his car. As for Wakker’s car, the intrepid Dutchman didn’t opt for a well-known electric vehicle (EV) like a Tesla. Instead, he drove in a retrofitted station wagon dubbed “The Blue Bandit” that got about 124 miles on a single charge.

According to Wakker’s site, the route itself was determined by where kind strangers would let him charge his car. The trip took him down through Eastern Europe, through Turkey, Iran, and the Middle East, before crossing into India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, and finally, Australia. it would’ve likely used around 1,800 gallons of fuel to make the trip. However, all-in-all Wakker spent a mere $300 on electricity, #DutchmanWeibeWakker #longestelectriccartrip #tesla #electriccar #longesttrip.