Why Tesla Model S?

Updated: May 28, 2019

The Tesla Model S is a phenomenal car. It's brisk, athletic, and poised, making it enjoyable whether you're enthusiastically carving corners or relaxing on a road trip. No compromises in performance are necessary to drive this electric vehicle, and its range of 300-plus miles is extraordinary for an all-electric car. Additionally, the Model S sports a high-end interior along with awe-inspiring – and amusing – technology.

The all-electric Model S is not just an attractive choice for early adopters or EV enthusiasts. This is a superb car that deserves a look from most luxury large car shoppers. This Tesla's performance chops give sporty rivals like the Audi A7 a run for its money. A long-range battery pack and speedy supercharging access gives you the option between plugging in your EV every night and charging only as needed. Tesla loyalists may also want to consider the less-expensive Tesla Model 3 or the Tesla Model X SUV.

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