Why Tesla Model 3 is a bestseller?

Updated: May 27, 2019

Other electric cars have their own appealing features — after all, they also attract customers, they also have cool gizmos and other stuff. However, the Model 3 offers a tremendous combo of range, features, performance, and moderate cost. That will be even more true in the second quarter since the Model 3’s base price was recently dropped to the mythical $35,000 figure.

What’s a bit unfortunate is that no other electric vehicle models are picking up momentum to become mass-market vehicles. Part of that may be due to the Tesla Model 3 sucking away their potential customers, but it’s also related to vehicle specs, range, pricing, dealership/sales models, and branding.

The Model 3 accounted for 60% of sales, the Model S another 8%, and the Model X another 7%. the latter two are estimates. These three Tesla models combined account for 75% of the US electric vehicle market if the estimates are accurate. That’s up from 67% in the first quarter of 2018.

Aside from Tesla models, the Chevy Bolt held 11% of the market, the Nissan LEAF 7%, and other than that there’s basically nothing to mention.

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