Why china is great market for electric manufacturers ?

Updated: May 27, 2019

​Some of the world’s largest automobile companies unveiled flagship electric vehicles at the Shanghai Auto Show this week. Many of those cars will only be available in China, where government subsidies and policies favor electric vehicles. As the largest market globally for autos and a manufacturing hub, the Asian giant is becoming a center for electric vehicle development.

1. Audi unveiled its electric sports utility vehicle Q2L e-tron, to be produced in the southern city of Foshan and only available domestically. The luxury German brand also launched the e-tron for China, after premiering it in San Francisco last year as the company’s first electric production model. The e-tron will also be produced in China beginning in 2020.

The biggest chunk of electric cars of the Audi portfolio we will have here in China.

2. Volkswagen announced a new line of electric-only vehicles that will be available in China beginning in 2021. The first will be a sports utility vehicle called ID. ROOMZZ.

Also premiering in Shanghai was

3. Infiniti’s concept for an electric sports sedan called Qs Inspiration. The Nissan-owned luxury brand also announced that the first of its new generation of electric vehicles will be built in China for the domestic market.

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