Upcoming Hybrid & Electric vehicles

Updated: May 29, 2019

India being a upcoming market for the electric vehicles will be soon getting some upgrades in the electric and hybrid sectors . companies like MG motors, KIA motors will be soon bringing there advanced vehicles to the Indian market.

There are some vehicle that are expected to arrive in june only

1. Tata Tigor EV

Tata Motors has showcased Tigor EV at ongoing 2018 Auto Expo. On the outside, there is little to differentiate the Tigor EV from the standard Tigor model except for EV badge on the front and blue decals on the sides. Inside the cabin too, the differentiation is very subtle manifested through the knob gear-lever in the EV version. The power to the wheels is generated by three-phase induction motor having the total output of 30 kW @4500 rpm which roughly equates to 40 bhp of max power. The output of a Tigor EV is expected to be mediocre and the potential buyers will like to use the car only for intra-city travel. Tata Motors has refrained from disclosing the range although there is a mention of fast charging capability of the car.

2. Hyundai KONA EV

Equipped with the larger-capacity 64kWh battery, the Kona Electric can cover 483km on a single charge (the cheaper model – which is expected to arrive in India with a 39kWh battery – has a range of 312km). The Kona Electric’s motor puts out 395Nm of torque; all to the front wheels, and it does so instantaneously. When it arrives in India in 2019, the Kona EV will be the first vehicle of its kind and will sure have a lot of novelty value. What it won’t be, though, is cheap. Hyundai does have plans to assemble the model in India, but even so, prices will be close to the Rs 25 lakh-mark.

3. Audi E- Tron

The all-wheel-drive SUV has two electric motors and a 95 kWh battery, with a 0-60 time of 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 124 MPH. The car is still in prototyping phase and in 2020 will be send for production.

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