Top 5 electric & plug-in hybrids.

Updated: May 29, 2019

Top 5 electric car that are the market leaders:

1. Hyundai Kona electric

The Kona Electric is a new favorite among the more accessible EVs. It offers an impressive 258 miles of range, an attractive interior and a long list of tech and safety features. The Kona is also surprisingly quick and entertaining to drive.


Long driving range of 258 miles

Quick acceleration and sharp handling make it fun to drive

Comfortable and quiet cabin

Plenty of standard tech features Cons

Tight rear legroom

Availability limited to just a few states

2. Chevrolet Bolt

The Chevrolet Bolt leapfrogged the electric vehicle competition with its huge 238-mile range, quick acceleration and approachable price. Even with more competitors now, the Bolt is certainly worth checking out if you're in the market for an EV.


Impressive 238 miles of range (or more)

Cabin is spacious

Power and handling make it enjoyable to drive


Interior looks and feels cheaper than most

Seats feel small and lack cushion

3. MINI Countryman

Mini Countryman S E plug-in hybrid delivers a shot of excitement to a class that's not exactly known for it. This Mini uses its plug-in hybrid system as more of a performance enhancer than a range-extender; indeed, real-world range is rather paltry at around 240 miles, and you'll struggle to get 12 miles out of EV mode.


Exterior and interior design sets it apart from competitors Materials are of higher quality than in subcompact rivals

One of the only vehicles of its kind with a manual transmission

Provides a fun driving experience


Limited EV range and grabby brakes

Front seats are confining

Cargo area is small

Requires premium fuel

4. Volkswagen E- Golf

It drives well, has lots of room for people and cargo, and offers 125 miles of range, which is plenty for how most people use their EVs. It's basically a well-equipped Golf that just happens to be electric-powered.


Looks and drives more like a typical car than other EVs

Premium interior materials

Plenty of trunk space

Comfortable and quiet ride


Shorter electric range than other EVs

Limited availability

5. Tesla Model 3

It has a unique design, innovative user interface and impressive performance make it a top scorer .


Tesla prestige at a lower price

Class-leading performance and handling

More technologically advanced than rivals

Supercharger network access for long-distance driving


Touchscreen interface design can lead to driver distraction

No Android Auto or Apple CarPlay support

Limited cargo capacity and interior storage.

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