Solar rooftop a TAX Saver?

Updated: May 29, 2019

solar energy or we can say the future energy is not just a renewable energy but also saving the pocket energy i.e is your money. setting up a solar plant not only makes you eco-friendly but also a smart investor. lets see how an investor can become a smart investor:

1. Cut you bill near to Zero.

The drastic change that you will discover is rapid reduction in your electricity bill or we can say the bill with subsidy for 25 years. If you are producing more than your need you can also sell it to your electricity provider.

2. Avail G.S.T benefits.

The biggest thing the consumer want to save is TAX and considering most of the goods comes under 12%-28% slab of tax whereas solar rooftop generation setup is under 5% slab.

3. Low maintenance.

Most of the companies that set up solar rooftop plants offers 5 year annual maintenance with the installation and most of the equipments comes with the 5 year warranty , and solar panels comes with 25 years linear output warranty.

4. Depreciation benefits.

If you are a private limited company then you can avail 40% depreciation benefits and after that 13% benefits on overall cost of the system.

5. Increase your house value.

The solar power plant last for 25 years making your home energy efficient for 25 years. and if you selling you house you can sell it with an USP.

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