Lithium Ion VS Lead Acid

Updated: May 29, 2019

Technology changes at a blink of an eye whether its tv , laptop , mobile or even a car needs an update. Lithium ion is that kind of update only in the world power and energy. they are replacing the traditional lead acid batteries. some of following point will throw the light on the same:


The lithium ion batteries are 3 times lighter than lead acid batteries that is it makes them even more practical to use them as for portability purposes.

2. Life Cycle

The lithium ion batteries have more life cycles as compared to the lead acid batteries taking an example of a 100ah 12 v battery

lead acid: 500 cycles ( if properly handled)

lithium ion : 5000 cycles ( like a boss :))

3. Usability

The lead acid batteries can be used till 65% after that the battery goes into the deep discharge state. so technically if you are a 100 amps battery you are just the owner of 65 amps or we can say less than that also , whereas lithium ion batteries can be discharged to 0% and gives a 100% output.

But with great power and ability comes great responsibility i.e SAFETY.

battery exploded

News stories a few years ago around defective Note 7 bursting into flame – lithium ion batteries also earned a reputation for catching fire in a very dramatic fashion. The commonly used lithium ion battery formulation had been Lithium-Cobalt-Oxide (LiCoO2), and this battery chemistry is prone to thermal runaway if the battery is ever accidentally overcharged. This could lead to the battery setting itself on fire – and a lithium fire burns hot and fast.

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