Indian Government in full swing to set charging station.

Updated: May 27, 2019

To expedite its electric mobility mission, the Indian government is reportedly seeking investment from a number of companies, both domestic and foreign. According to sources, the raised capital will be spent on purchasing electric vehicles, three wheelers, batteries and charging stations for deployment across the country.


A portion of the multimillion-dollar investment will go into building a robust charging infrastructure in cities all over India.

Government of India has already held talks with over 50 Indian and global companies. As per reports, cab aggregators like Ola are also preparing for bulk purchases of electrically-powered three wheelers and rickshaws, which they would then lease depending on demand.

As revealed by a government official close to the development, several companies, including Tata Power, ABB, Acme Industries and a couple of Dutch firms have expressed interest in setting up electric charging stations in the country.

Other companies such as Exide Industries, Amron Batteries and Microtek are looking to supply batteries and set up repair shops for motorists as part of the government’s electric vehicles project.

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