How to Solar power your home?

Updated: May 29, 2019

You can easily switch to renewable energy without creating any hassle. The easily available and cost effective way is the solar energy. You can introduce solar to your home in 2 ways:

1. On- Grid solar

2. Off- Grid solar

In On - Grid solar system consumer can utilise both grid electricity and solar energy. In this consumer can also become a producer and can supply energy to the grid and can make money or we can say he or she will get a subsidised bill.


In Off- Grid system the system is completely independent of the grid means you can store or utilise the energy by yourself. In this you can store energy in battery banks and can use them later. But this system is costlier than the on grid ones.


Q. Now how much energy does a house hold requires?

Generally most of the meters are single phase in India for an average or medium house hold that means the maximum plant requirement will be 5 kw for these house holds.

if 1 kw generates 7 units in a perfect sunny day .(ideal condition)

then 5 kw= 5*7=35 units .

35 units a day means , 1085 units for whole month considering all are sunny days.

and if we consider a medium household they consumes only 700-800 units a month,

that means 285 watt units will be saved every day , and if these saved units will used to supply the grid one can earn money also.(theoretically) .

so on the whole solar is coming future and tax saving source . if haven't seen our tax saving blog you can find it on our website or click on to

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