Father of Electric Era

Updated: May 29, 2019

its almost around 5 years when this space ship was launched , yes i am talking about the the BMW i8 . The first generation luxury sports electric vehicle mated with 1.5l petrol engine and 143bhp generating hefty motor, the car with some minor updates still looks a intergalactic spaceship which has just retuned from its journey.

Being a hybrid car , it does not drive like a hybrid ,the 231bhp petrol motor when paired with electric motor makes a mind boggling 375 bhp which is a huge performance figure for 100 mpg sports car.

BMW i8

The biggest update to the 2019 BMW i8 is that it gets an even bigger battery: It's up from 20aH to 35aH capability, that bumps all-electric vary up from twenty three miles to a theoretical thirty four miles. to not be outdone, the BMW i8's 3-cylinder gas turbo engine (borrowed from mini) jumps in power too, taking the combined total of electrical and gas power to 374hp.

Whether its 2014 or 2019 the beast remains the same with its edgy design and futuristic features. this making the saying true "baap baap hota hai".

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