Electric revolution in india

Updated: May 29, 2019

India being a SECOND large populated country after China , India has left China behind in terms of electric vehicles, its not in terms of four wheeler but in terms of E- rickshaws or we can say electric three - wheelers with a population over 133 crores the scope of electric vehicle will not stop until need reaches the fulfilment.

E- rickshaw being small distance commuter has changed the definition of travelling one distance to another whether its a crowded market like Chandni Chowk or modernly build townships , all are adopting the electric way .

Coming on to the more defined segments that are electric cars there is a sudden rise in car manufacturing game , manufacturers like Mahindra, Tata , and other manufacturers are coming into the play. Soon in 2020 the other car manufacturer like Maruti , Hyundai , Honda will also be in the game.

coming on the infrastructure side government is planning to set up charging station at every 3 km within specific range and at first stage with selected cities . public sectors like NTPL&BHEL has initiated the process and will soon deliver, according to us initially it will be free for the public and later when it becomes daily necessity for the people it will be priced reasonably by the government.

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