#Electric scooter review series #1 : Hero Flash

Updated: May 27, 2019

Electric scooter market is becoming huge and more demanding. For government its the push for the consumers, for general public its a mode of cheaper transportation and for student its a free means of transportation . But E- scooter in India which made the revolution, was the Hero flash 250.

Hero flash was launched in 2017 where this scooter was highly in demand due to its cost effective pricing and a reliability of 40 thousand pricing scooter . The scooter cost around 19,990 after the subsidy of 5500 which makes it most cheaper one.

1. Pricing ( till when the motor was 250 watt)
2. Design
3. Reliability
1. Less efficient range
2. More frequent maintenance
3. Small capacity.

After the 250 watt model was discontinued the flash become more costlier and plus addition of lithium ion battery makes it the more expensive one . now the flash cost around 50k which is not justified for this type of bike.

Plus flash now comes under the motor vehicle act which makes it difficult for students to ride on roads without licence.



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