Best Electric Scooters

Updated: May 29, 2019

Two wheeler is that vehicle that has changed the definition of travelling whether its a wide road or travelling into narrow lanes. this is best alternative for the city within.

1. Ather 450

The Ather 450 is one of the smartest electric scooters available in the Indian market. The Ather 450 is equipped with several features like gps navigation, reverse parking interface, bluetooth, The Ather 450 is equipped with a 2.4kWh Lithium-ion battery. The scooter delivers a riding range of 75km on a single charge on Eco mode and the electric scooter can reach a top speed of 80km/h.The design of the scooter is very edgy and gives a feel of future.

ather 450 electric scooter

2. Okinawa Praise

The Okinawa Praise is a premium electric scooter from India’s fastest growing electric two-wheeler manufacturer. The Praise looks stylish and offers good performance for daily commuting. The premium electric scooter comes with a host of features such as a side-stand sensor, keyless entry, find my scooter function, anti-theft mechanism and much more. Praise is equipped with a 1000- watt BLDC motor and 72 v battery, its also driven in lithium ion configuration.

okinawa priase

3. Hero optima plus

The Hero Electric Optima Plus is powered by an electric motor that develops less than 250watt of power and has a range of around 70km on a full charge. The battery takes about six to eight hours to charge fully, the scooter does not need registration or a licence. The built quality as compared to scooter of same segment is much better.

The model is also available in 500 watt trim due to which it comes under registration rule.

hero optima plus

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